About Us

We are Tony and Rosemary Van Oostrom. Our Apiary is based in rural Fenwick, located in Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. We produce raw, unpasteurized wildflower multifloral honey collected by hives located on our 10 acres. We have naturalized fields with native perennial plantings as well as hayfields over-seeded with Dutch white clover. The areas surrounding our property include many natural wood lots.

Tony is a 3rd generation beekeeper. He learned beekeeping from both his father, and  grandfather. 

We currently have hives located at the home Apiary on Poth Street in Fenwick, as well as Mingle Hill Farms, St. Anns and Feeder Flower Farm in Wainfleet. 

Know your beekeeper and Buy Local!

There are a lot of alternatives out there. Please give WillowBee Honey a try. You won’t be disappointed!!!!